Romancing in the trains.


I am not a romantic guy at all. But I am sure everyone who has travelled by the central railways (or any other train for the record) has seen the daredevils of the train. For my fellows with not so comprehensive command in English dare devils are those who perform stunts for your entertainment. I am not pretty sure who gets entertained by them. But many people do have a lot of respect at their marvelous stunts. But you know I consider them idiots (and even those who respect them).

 We always hear that the real gems go unnoticed. So is true to this case, as the real daredevils go unnoticed. And so does the real bravery. I consider the love birds to be real brave, the ones without the wings, who flock along in the trains as couples and to mention specially the male counterpart . It is not that I have something against the depleting numbers of females . But that is one of the reasons why I am in more awe of the male love birds.

As at first finding the true love itself is very challenging, in this meager population of LADIES ( as far as their point of view is considered ) and it might be true. (naah !!! )

Then  after finding their true love. (!!) they then continue the heroic acts in trains just to declare to the world of their love.  Which includes standing right next to the doors of the trains ( I do hope they call it doors ) and then knowingly  or unknowingly make “the great wall  of China” for the invading enemy to overcome.

And one of the interesting part is when the male stays adamant at his position to the rising pressure (the quality our current government is lacking ) then as a good follower of Gandhiji, smiles and faces the wrath of the incoming flood of people for his lady love. (the lady love that is about to quit her position of dedicated lover for the sake of getting away from his sweaty under arms ) but still maintains a warm smile for her hubby, what a skill !! (Ohh God !!! girls are multi tasking)and it is a great topic of research that how does the guy who is as pale as olive oyl harnessed all the strength of superman to stop all the guys rushing in.

Admist this  all the fellow passengers are busy gazing at the sense of passion in their everyday BORING lives (yes in railways even looking at a good looking girl are considered as the moments of passion for a few ). While the lovebirds continue to talk so slowly that sometimes I think about removing one of their mouths and putting them on fire crackers. That would surely reduce noise pollution to a great extent. I sometimes think, are the bars placed on both the sides door (I am still not pretty sure  it is called a door  ) are placed for their sake just so that they may hang  in tight. And if so Indian Railways has done a great favor to them.

And this story becomes more and more interesting on the station where the spartians have to depart (clearly 2 vs . Many is a spartan situation) As it is the time when the guy has to double balance on shielding his love from the pressure from behind her to make her comfortable (we can call it the shock absorbing role  ) and be vigilant about anyone getting near his find(that’s what they call it one discovery) . And yes then to make the task worse the female love bird starts muttering something in his ears. So he has to also show her that he is actually paying attention to everything she is saying and at the same time keep an undisturbed smile on his face. Wow what a great example of good performance under pressure (and I mean literally !!!) and these heroics are not only limited to the train, they continue even on the platform.

Sometimes I wonder does the platform no . 9 and 10 at thane station has more population of these creatures than band stand or Dadar chowpatty (Another gift of the Indian Railways).

And that brings to my notice that is how government calculates the population of young India  . I think they must be going to a few places like these and then taking average of the count.So they do owe them (the love birds ) a lott…

 Finally we must have seen a lot of people saluting the spirit of young India 🙂

I think this is where the spirit comes from….

Good job guys

CARRY ONN !!!!!!!!!

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