Recently I found my friend sulking in a corner of our building passage. I enquired the matter he said his girlfriend dumped him. I felt sorry for him,

I asked.” What did she say?”

He said “she didn’t tell me face to face…”

“So she called?”


“She texted you?”


“Then what?”(I really hate when I ask a full-fledged question and get 2 syllables for an answer.)

“She changed her face book status to SINGLE.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” I said.

He said” of course it does, she had liked the status and commented, Go to hell a******”

I don’t like anybody cursing around me but this was a special case! There was something about that incident really that struck me. I now realize how much social networking sites have affected our selves.

I asked him if he felt bad (of course he did!). He said “naah! (No he wasn’t) even I was going to dump her but my net was down. (It was the best he could think of to save his face)


And that is not the only  example, There are a few instances when we get totally carried away, and just put anything and everything as our status.

There will be a few days when there will be happenings because of our status.


The next day you find your house is robbed that night. And you need not worry as catching the thief is not that difficult as the thief, a facebook addict himself,  has uploaded his pictures stealing from your house and has even tagged you (a LOL moment) .

You found it funny, that’s not all

The shocking part is you and the robber has 4 mutual friends.

You know facebook is a very feminist website. You know whatever crap a girl puts as her status all the guys will like it and comment silly thing on it,

If a girls status reads


They even add a smiley that doesn’t even smile with the status. She amazingly garners around 550 likes….

And comments that say

OHHH!!!!  Or

MOMS ARE THE BEST (please accept my friend request!!) or

CHO CHWEEEEEEEEEET……… (I really don’t understand what they think about the letter E)

But at the same time if a boy status says,


There will be no more likes, and to add to his agony there will be a lone comment.

“Grow up kiddo!!” (By his dad)

I know everyone will agree to it. (And few have experienced it too…)

Any ways, the other day I logged in on face book and saw my friends ex girlfriends status what was shocking was there even a few likes to the status,

And there was even a comment “LOL”

And the fact that the commenter was a mutual friend of three of us bought a smile to my face…..

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