New years eve n resolutions

You know everyone in the world, and I mean EVERYONE plans how to spend the night welcoming to new year. I always wonder why dont they plan some thing like what to do on 1st of the new year. Then the answer hit my head. We never really needed to plan how to spend the new year or the first few days of the new year. And there is a special stress on few days because the phenomenon really lasts only for a couple of days.

My definition of a resolution is ,


No matter how hard you disagree but you may celebrate the end of the old year clebrating in anew environment, or doing something completely aloof of the previous year. But as a matter of fact we all start the new year the same way – Making nw yaer resolutions.

Here is a glimpse how they Start – Growth – falter.

Did your New Year resolutions make our top five list?

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Start : we may start of by making a plan ensuring we give equal importance to all the aspects and making a few important considerations.

Growth – You start adjusting to the schedule, and whjile doing so introduce a few changes in the plan so as to fit in other important considerations. Then the changes become a bit more prominent in the plan.

Falter – Then as we slowly seep into the tight schedule the plan finds a safe and cozy place in any corner of your drawer. And your daily routine starts repeating all over again. Same as the previous year (to your surprise)

2. Fit in Fitness (For average people)
3. Tame the Bulge (for some one who fits in the category between a rice sack and a swollen TATA SUMO)

Start – Theses resolutions starts with a great joyous. You may a buy a new pair of shorts. Even a mp3 player just to get into the tune of the exercises. (We could just use the phone, BUT HELL NO,  its a new year resolution !!!). Then finding a new and mostly the costliest gym the place around you has to offer.

Growth – Then the first week is awesome (Ignoring the corrosive pain every muscle has when doing a task). The next week you visit alternate days. And then slowly a stage is reached wherein you visit at long intervals such that you dont excercise but your name stays in the gym’s members list.

Falter – Then you realize that you have been making undue donations to the already wealthy gym owner (thanks to your only pay no visit policy). And you quit.

4. Quit Smoking or drinking

Start – You join a social group . a few also start getting special medications just to get away from the desires. You start with a strict n drop (or no single puff logic)

Growth – Then the daily tensions of your routine life start showing up like unexpected guests. And you retreat back towards the same habit saying – Only this ones.

Falter – Then the occasional puff or drink becomes so common that it does not fit into the occasional category. And then you are so taken over that you forget which years resolution was to quit the addiction.

5. Getting organised

Start – You start by making a schedule of what you like. Some people also go a bit out of their ways just to thinkover what does enjoyment actually mean ? Then you plan out various activities around the next year that you enjoy. Makingh sure the period arrives after every short intervals.

Growth – Then as we get into the schedules. kepping in pace with the time table becomes too difficult. So we start by making a few changes. The sam few that makes the orignal time table irreadable.

Falter – Then the daily tasks become your life and the time table becomes a piece of decorations stuck to a prime locaion in the house, smiling at you (teasingly).

And we keep that the same way to use it for the next year !!! 😀

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