The JetRickshaw

Sorry I have never travelled by a jet….

And seriously who needs to pay handsomely to enjoy the facility of faster air transport when a local rickshaw driver can give you a glimpse of heaven for about as such a negligible cost.

Yes i feel they are only other qualified people who can even shame the NASA space shuttle when it comes to speed.

And yes I am not bluffing I do have my share of experiences.

Recently I had such a breath-taking journey, when i was returning home. I took the seat along with my friends and the rickshaw driver suddenly decided to DHOOM STYLE…

Never have I seen the tail lights of a truck from so close. And God help I will never want to witness the sight again. He thought he was riding a bicycle – at least I thought so because he went from between a bus and a car with such an ease even a lone human without any of accompanied vehicle would tremor at the thought of doing it.

I was cushioned between two of my friends-Pratik Rajput and Prassanna (I always don’t get his spelling right…).The former not a (typical) Rajput, In fact a very cool dude, who heaved a sigh of relief on getting out.(He still believes that his girlfriends prayers saved his life out of the misery) and the other Prasana (I said I get his spellings wrong) was in higher emotional level, between heaven and drooling in his sleep. But god save both (as they cushioned me) That is real friendship.

There are many such incidents involving me my friends and rickshaw. (sometimes these things happen to me so often in my friends presence that i feel that it is them who is bad luck. )

Once there was another incident involving the same two friends. When a good natured woman refused to budge from the path of our rickshaw.  she even tried to gently snatch the rickshaw keys so that we could suffer but god saved us . And what was our crime – breaking something what she thought was a queue. (although she was standing behind us.)

Sometimes I think India can go miles in F1 racing if we permit rickshaw drivers to race for us. (who needs Narain kartikayen) who knows India might become number one in yet another sport. And I am sure about that because if they can go at a speed of 40-50 from a crowded road then sure they can break records on concrete well built (and by that I mean a road without potholes).

And my adivce who normally dont travel by rickshaw it is better to have two things at your disposal :

1. A helmet.

2. Your will.

3. Sweets (In case you land safely)

God knows when you might need them.

5 thoughts on “The JetRickshaw

  1. Yakin nai ho raha ye sach hai movies story k tarah lag raha hai bt heroin missing hai abhi bhi waqt hai gf dhund le……….
    Stil I knw its true……..
    Awesum 1……………..:)
    Keep writing

  2. Fantastic article…& very true vatever said abt rickshaw-drivers..If you really wanted to learn how to say “NO” to a person..learn it 4m auto-rickshaw drivers.Dey can even refuse very beatiful girl if Her location whre she is willin to go nt goin 2 gv dem more money..dat’s called an attitude.,we must learn it 4m dem.

  3. a nyc one yaaar…..
    gr8 talent…. do lend me sum f urs…
    men u gotta gr8 cmmand ovr d language…
    its superbly awesome……….
    keep writing more and more….nd i suppose u must pursue ur career in dis field….u’l surely succeed….
    mah bst wishes wid you…….

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