Practicals – The pain of Engineering

Engineering practicals form a very important aspect of an engineering students life. And they become more important if the same subject has an external practicals exam(true story).

“They are meant to help increase your knowledge”, my practical instructor tells me.

But sometimes (all the time ) I seriously doubt his reasoning abilities. I mean how are they purposed to increase my knowledge if I don’t even get the desired output sometimes (every time ). And yes before you start yelling that I suck at practicals let me present to you the reasons for my lack of performance:

(i) Nobody and I mean nobody can give you a result if the CRO you work refuses to cooperate and decides to run on its own.

See no input but only output mode my CRO works in…

Or DC input AC output. (The hell) I wish Einstein was alive. Who would have died seeing this. So Einstein if you thinking about rebirth you are better up there….

(ii) How am I supposed to know the end result, if on questioning the position of a component in the circuit my professor says – because it is given so in the text-book.

(iii) On mounting the circuit on the bread board (and i mean the correct circuit ) and not getting the output my teacher’s advice for troubleshooting goes like this

1. Change the resistor.

2 . Change the capacitor.

3 . Change the bread board.

56. Change the CRO.

57. Change the function generator.

1125. Chang the wires.

1126. Change the table.

And till this point i am like why don’t I change this college.

(iv) Then there is another conversation,

” sir  i am not getting the correct output. “

“that is because you have connected the components in a wrong manner ” booms my sir.

“oh sorry ! Can you please show of how to do it. “

“you argue too much ” comes the reply

argument ended.

(v) And if after going through all this misery if I get the desired out put then one of my good friends comes just to adjust some knob here and there and bang there goes all the efforts in vain.(and don’t tell me any of you are not aware of this breed of people they are present every where and on an average in every group)

And the last but not the least every time something like this happens I feel like – I should have selected some other college.

And the misery of an engineering student is –EVERY COLLEGE IS THE SAME…:)

7 thoughts on “Practicals – The pain of Engineering

  1. hey i like d 1st 1 dat is o/p widout i/p…., i asked abt dat to sir , 1day u will bcme a doctor. ( means u will do PH D in it) he replied………. & i still nt understand d meaning…….

    but d ans for above Q. is dat u had press d ‘component test’ button……(zoom & see d pic).

  2. Truely said evertthin abt d practicals..Atleast in VIT we are use to face all those things..Excellent article..every student & every practical conductor,lab assistants of VIT must read dis..

  3. @ Priya : i am witness of all pics in this blog. I think ki i know d CRO very well & how to operate, bcz
    working on from last 6 years & in sem 3 we again Read CRO by our great teacher of Instruments.
    component test is not press. This is photos is checked & verified by Me.

    @ Abhishek @ nice blog

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