Valentine’s day for singles…

Ok I am fed up with people complaining about their relationship. You may ask
has this guy gone maniac or what ????

I would say I am talking about the recently passed valentines day…(not very recent but you can spare me for that it taker sometime to publish a post )
I mean why all the single people just become so concerned about their love lives
just the same day,

ok no objection for the day…
But why everyone thinks the same.
and that single question bothers then more than the growing petrol prices.
I mean even if you are in a relationship you will still require petrol to take your special one for a long drive.(why do you think I am single ?)

ok guys buckle up I am going to give you many reasons to cherish… For being single.
1. You save a lot and i mean a lot) of money.

2. You are single and an open threat to others relationship.

3. Your message pack refuses to finish even after messaging all your contacts (even your paper boy )

4. You don’t have to be concerned of the lyrics of the songs you listen to…(you know what I mean..)

5. You are free to talk to n number of girls or boys.

6. You can still manage to sleep
at your regular sleeping time.(if you are not an engineering student, if you are then God bless you.)

7. You only have to worry about your own problems.

8. You save a lot of battery of your cell phone.

9. You can relieve your brain from the silly logic of dates.

10. You don’t have a constant fear of being “seen” by some one you know…

11. You can tease other guys with the name of their girlfriends names but still stay fearless.

12. You don’t have to remember the phones security code.(one of the best ways of judging whether a person is committed is to see if they have a security phone lock for their cell phone.)

13. You don’t have to remember the daily activities to rewind it to someone.

14. Nobody can hack into your Facebook account because your password is really a secret.

15. A lesser stress on your memory for remembering who’s who relative. As your circle of concern is only concentrated over your own relatives.

But love is still a beautiful experience.and …

This is a silly blog…
Ok love is not that something something
blah blah blah…

so no diplomatic ending and no public apology…
Go to hell…

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s day for singles…

  1. well…..evrything’s gr8 @ its right place…
    i disagreee wid ur blog…. …..coz …….. ………
    i suppose u’l get 2 knw wen u fall in love nd den u wud nt cnsider it a nonsense thing…….
    bt den 2 gr8 efforts….
    keep writing……..

  2. Sravani I have written it with a pinch of humour and loads of sarcasms so Dont take it to heart.
    And these are my views (You see I never let you talk properly on the phone)
    So just my point of view with a bit of fun

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