Unsaid rules of drawing

My blog is not an artistic creation or anything. As far my drawing is considered I am a complete failure for me even the books fail to communicate the idea of drawing.For me they go like this:

 But in this post I am presenting you the unsaid rules of painting or drawing. I call there rules unsaid because no great artist or book has actually mentioned them but we still draw or paint following these unsaid rules.

1. Even today (this trend belongs to us since our childhood) when we draw a landscape we always draw the sun between two mountains or hiding behind a cloud and never free in the sky.

2. No human has a right look a real human we either draw them as skeletons or only their side view.

3. All the birds that can fly have no right to look better than this:

4. If there is a river then it is accompanied by a waterfall. (Always)

5. If drawing a train, never dare to draw the modern train strictly draw the steam engine.

6. In portrait the nose of the drawing should never match the actual person.

7. If you think that you have got the eyes, ears, nose of the person in the portrait right, then wait till you finish the chin in the painting. Then the drawing and the person in real is 180 degree out of phase.

8. The amount of color on your shirt or your hands is inversely proportional your amount of understanding of colors.

9. Drawing is a symbol of national integrity; because for everyone – Hindus, Muslims or Christians the temple is similar to the house only thinner and is indicated by a flag on the top. And is always located at the top of the mountain with unlimited stairs.

10. All the grass in the painting should not exceed three lines.

11. The house should not comprise of more than two rectangles, a triangle and a circle in the middle of the triangle. (And two windows)

12. When drawing boats remember that there are only two types of boats in the world- the titanic and one so small barely fitting a single man.

13. There is always a large tree in the middle of the landscape.

14. If it is raining then there should never be water puddles on the ground, and if there it is accompanied by either a frog or mushroom.

And the last one…

15. All the things in the world have a thick white background.

11 thoughts on “Unsaid rules of drawing

  1. Awesome blog abhishek..U remembered me my childhood memories about drawing..Even i was very worst at drawing..d most hatred thing by me in dis world is drawing.I never understand d creativity in drwaing .& always folllowed d silly rules which u hv mentioned.My drwaing teacher use to say that the ppl in my drawing are handicapped & suffering 4m polio..lolz..

  2. these rules have become an integral part of our brain, if u tell me today (at this age also)to draw i will draw the same as mentioned above there will be no difference b/w mine and a kids drawing ….very well written dude!!

  3. Kooool blog yaaar….frankly speaking des rules are truly unsaid but are preached by each nd evry1 wethr knowingly or unknowingly…….. Nice one…..

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