Of cricket and railways.

The gentleman’s game…. Every one of us is very much aware how much important role cricket plays in our life. In suburban life.

Now what is this all about you may ask. I would answer out of my keen observation I have discovered that Indian railways too follow cricket to a large extent.


Ok I will tell you.

We have IPL and teams like Mumbai Indians, Chennai superkings and Deccan chargers.

In railways too we have such teams like

Dombivli crushers, Ghatkopar dandiyas, Thane blunders, virar chargers, kurla wrestlers etc.

When people get into the train the follow a typical rhythm. All enter with a rush like Sehwags opening. And leave in a pace of Tendulkar approaching his century.

When inside a train they follow the famous Sholay quote. “Adhe log idhar jao, adhe udhar jao, baaki log mere piche aao”. They make way in such a systematic manner that I feel that they must be in a huddle before getting onto the train.

When it comes to DRS India never gets the decision correct, when it comes to indicator railways never get their timing correct.

See the picture below, this is the picture taken at kurla station at 2.00 pm. (not quite sure which 10.38 train the indicator is interested in 🙂

People enjoy drinks (at platform) just like cricket. Railways have cheerleaders singing PARDESI PARDESI JAANA NAHI…for the crowd. In cricket we have advertisements after every over in railways we have advertisements every station (SHAMRAJ DANT MANJAN or Chico ghya chikoo)

There is an interesting situation in cricket like at the fall of a wicket. Who will go first. In railways there is a similar situation when a train arrives that is who will get in first.

The fun of powerplay when travelling by a semi fast local. Power play till Thane and regular there after.

During breath taking situations the Indian run rate falls down so as the timing of the locals during peak hours. Rain greatly affects their game – for both of them. Everyone is confused which end to run.

Slow over rate, special slow before thane station (genuinely a halt). The best person when required is always out of form. In railways, when want a long distance train every train is kurla, thane or Dombivli. And the list goes on and on..

So now we know about another major addition to the cricket fan base namely THE INDIAN RAILWAYS.

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