Well guys, you know there was a phase in my life when it was very easy to score or even top in any subject.  I could just start studying any subject the evening before and easily score in that one i.e. come out with flying colours. And then I passed through school.

I won’t say life became miserable, because it was just the beginning. The only thing that has been come (or rather gone) flying are the answers out of head when facing the paper in the exam.

I was just clueless how to score in the exams. Rather just manage to pass…. But then I stumbled upon a technique. I won’t say it has changed my life, but rather will ask you to try (of course at your own risk) and do tell me the results. (By now I am sure the post has started sounding like that order now type of adverts that come endlessly on television)

I have tried a few of them (;)) in my exams but I am not sure if I will be alive to check out my result following all the dooms day craze. Friends do promise me one thing, if you survive after 21st please check my results and if the technique has worked , the first thing after you discover that you are alive. Will you ?

Now I am going to share the secret with you. Sadly I only have the scoring technique for Environmental Science Paper (EVS). Sorry for the inconvenience.

WARNING : All the content posted below was actually written in an exam by my superhuman friend. Please take care if you feel like trying it. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.

Page 1 :

Remember that it is an EVS paper so no marks are deducted for grammatical errors. Even if you write the same points again and again in the same manner. More like breaking hell out of English grammar rules. (Sorry for the quality the so called super human was chasing me when I was clicking the pics)


Page 2 :

Now my my my, you have full authority to draw diagrams in the paper. Even if the content and the diagram (and even the question) may not have the slightest resemblance to the diagram



Page 3 :

Now the question is green house effect. I was taught that we have ozone layer and CFC reduces it. But sadly according to the special answer it was not true.


Page 4 :

As I said the teacher may not always appreciate you . But he is human too and is amazed at the talent in showcase.


Page 5:

Now it is not a crime to write the correct answer once in a while. Even if the last point is kept for the examiner to complete.


Page 6 :

Last but not the least. Go to hell education I will always draw even if it means mounting solar cookers above dams which in turn are located above the urban streets. And of course the tradition continues no relation to the answer.:D


I have done my job of sharing the SECRET.As I said try them at your own risk. May GOD help me in my EVS paper.

 P.S. : This post is and always will be dedicated to a hero who will not be named, right Chandu ? ooppps. No you didn’t read it.


  1. hehe…… superb blog…… ur superhuman frnd is really talented artist…….
    meet me once 2 him/her…… but ue post was 2 late..u should post it before evs paper….

    thanks for blog…..
    keep blogging…

  2. hmmm i guessd ur friend….
    anyways dnt wanna disclose him..
    bt i wish i gt such kinda skills coz nxt sem main engg drawin hain and evn uske pehle i gt mah evs exam n mnday…:(
    bt leaving al dat apart..
    its a matter of pleasure to read ur blog..
    keep writing bro…
    enjoy ur vacs…:))))))

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