Your phone vs. my pygmy hog

“The irony is some phones are becoming smarter and people are becoming dumber…”



Well, heard of many cellular companies, a lot of competition is steaming up due to its popular demand. But its been a while since cell phones started the unspoken competition with T.V sets. Both of these good ol’ systems have been growing on the same manta – “THE BIGGER THE BETTER”


Sure as hell I don’t mind that but you do realize one is lagging behind when my phone starts looking like a pygmy hog. Noe people complain about lack of privacy, sure bud !! when you carry a theatrical screen with you, you sure demand people drooling down from your shoulders over what you are doing. The size does matter there. Now one of the disadvantages of carrying the pygmy hog is that I have a tough time copying assignments, watching images and movies. Now the advantages (Yup the pygmy does give me a few advantages) I can type a text message without people peering over my phone to see what I am typing and smile one of those smiles that deserve a tight slap across their pitiful faces. When you carry the move theater more and more people are interested in what you are talking with. Now the owners of these “nexgen” phones have a false impression that the size of their phones does hide their conversations. But I am here to tell you my friends the large sizes only contribute in hiding your pink faces and smirky smiles and not your conversations. On the other hand it proves like a wall where the stalker may just place a ear and hear all your conversations.

Now one of the other thing that amazes me is the near real life experience that the cell phones provide. One such popular experiences is people paling temple run. I prefer people playing angry birds rather than temple run. Reason – In a train where you have to staring your chest muscles to just manage a breathe people playing temple run manage to run , jump and move around as in the herd of monkeys is running behind them. I soon discovered the reason for it. The controller mentioned to use the flip and sway functions of their phones. People do it with there bodies. whereas in the case of angry birds people don’t jump like the birds. And poor ones like me manage to steal in another round of fresh air.

Nowadays people are less sad when something really bad happens but are graved when the cell phone battery gives in. People seem to transform into stone age, because they discover many things that there cell phones had hidden away from them like the color of the walls really many people are unaware about it, the simple fact that the watch can also be used to check the time. And many more things. want an exercise (don’t cheat OK ! ) take your left hand behind your back. and with your other hand draw on a piece of paper in as much great detail as possible you wrist watch. And check your drawing with the original afterwards. Believe me your great details won’t be as great then.

Advantages of using the cellphone for guys (read playboys) was that they could keep track of all their external as well as internal affairs at the same time. And being available and unavailable to their ‘peers’ at the same time. Now the lager screens provide for large call waiting facilities. poor me….


App-world is going crazier and crazier every few seconds. people are downloading funny apps every now and then. One of them includes alarm, now one of my “s,art” friends downloaded the “alarm” app using her “smart” phones but she was not”smart” enough. I then enlightened her on the fact that her phone was capable enough to wake her every morning using its sufficient enough alarm system. Other apps include well nothing much just some cheesy names and functions include everything and anything we could do ourselves with a little effort.

People become more and more engrossed in their cell phones. They rely on it for everything – talking to friends (whats app), time (even though he / she may be wearing a watch), remembering a cell phone number, take snapshots to increase the number of online picture collections they have and yes of course find way in a dark room.
It gets funnier and funnier ahead. well could have written more but my pygmy needs its weekly dose of charging. bye.