The classic Indian Cinema


I have mentioned a few Indian classics. Hope you enjoy it – this is what makes our movies typically ours.

1. All the people around the hero always know the dance steps in advance.

2. Although there are no musical instruments, but music is in full swing in the song.

3. The face of the villain can never be seen straight away at first shot.

4. The hero always gets the best girl.

5. The heroine is always the best looking girl among the group of friends.

6. Even if the hero faces 1000 gangsters, the gangsters never attack all at once, they always wait for their turn and hit two at a time.

7. There is always a comic joker who runs away before the fight.

8. The last of the gang of villains always run and escape at the end of the fight.

9. During a romantic song or scene, an unknown source always blows wind to blow the heroines and hero’s hair.(ok stop looking at Sonam kapoor and start reading)

10. Either one or both the hero’s parents are always dead.

11. No girl ever dumps the hero.

12. The heroine is either studious or totally dumb but awesomely beautiful.

13. If hero is studying in a college then the college dean always hates the hero.

14. There is no normal hero in college life – either a complete failure or the college topper.

15. Even both the hero and heroine have cars, there is always a bus stop scene.

16. Even if the hero and heroine are poor (I mean very poor) they still manage to change many clothes for the songs.

17. Everytime the villain gets the hero, he is more interested in telling his part of the story than killing him straight away.

18. No film maker is interested in the childhood of the villain.

19. When the hero and the heroine kiss each other everything around them slows down, even the god damn raindrops.

20. During a fight scene, the hero never realizes his ultimate muscular power till the heroine is hurt or some one close is killed.

21. There is no police complaint made when the hero breaks things during song or action sequence.

22. The villain gang always has too many Scorpio cars of the same colour.

23. The hero is never ill, and if he is then it is always cancer – no cough or cold.

24. Hero is never charged for speeding while chasing the villain.

25. If the movie is based in a police station, then the hero is star for the commissioner even if he is a constable.