Please eat it…

“Ugh! I can’t even stand the sight me this food…” said the skinny girl. I tell you , one look at her frame and the malnourished kids in the forests of south Africa would look like sheikhs from Dubai. Now sometimes I am puzzled by the fact that how can someone say that very sentence to a good three star hotel food? I have seen people throw random food tantrums (but she still tops the list). I pity them rather than angry about them.

I have friends (believe me,  people can still tolerate me to the level that they can stand my face and poor sense me humour till date…) … So where was I ? Yes! I have friends who always complain about food but one look at their food habits and I am sure they belong to

Planet:  X

Population: one

So let’s get down to business. So the skinny girl I referred to in the beginning is a girl who believes the food items she eats (the list extends to roughly about 4 items ) is the only food fit for human consumption. And she will run for her life at the sight of normal food claiming it to be poisonous!!! One other girl I know only thrives, flourishes and dwells on Lays (the chips) and for all I know she is comparable to thickness of lays chips.

Other category is ruled by one of my other dear friends. Who could eat anything like – chutney (both sweet and chilly hot), vegies, roti’s, sauce , jam ,juice – “all together”. Nope I am not talking about the amount, but I am referring to the fact that he eats it whole as one dish! Yup just mix and gulp it down. So he can almost ix up anything and everything together and eat it and still claim to enjoy it.


There are small classes who assume the size of their stomach is like a tube well. They employ a simple logic Order everything on the menu if someone else is buying. I hate these people (especially if I am buying). And yes not to mention the eat- everything-and-stay-slim-type who everyone is jealous of (especially girls).

Now comes the breed I call – “the selectors”. And before you assume the answer – no they are not selective in terms of food they eat (only the skinny girl belongs to that category, remember?) but these selectors, reject food they eat (or at least parts of it) after the food is ordered and looking expectantly upon them from the table and pleading them to have a bite. Confused? let me give you a few examples

Story 1: My friend ordered onion uthappa at my college canteen and look at the result at the end of the meal. There was a heap of onions in the plate. I do not represent the Government asking you to stop wastage but just one simple question Why not eat regular (sada) uthappa?

Story 2: Other such kid ordered a masala dosa, but didn’t eat the veggies inside?

Same question: why not take sada dosa ? And yes I am not mentioning to the fact that while I was making a mental note of all these events one of the bunch was only enjoying the chutney that comes with these foods…. And I was like ….Really ???


Now I have heard of people (friends of friends) eating noodles mixed in sprite or even noodles dipped in tea, or people drinking bournvita with tea. Other extremes are of people eating glass, sand and other highly non consumable foods (?). Thank fully I have not been exposed to these harmful kind of breeds yet. And never wish to.

My theory: The food you eat after staying hungry for awhile always tastes good.

So next time someone orders something and you are aware of the end result please remind them by saying – Please eat it…

 Sign out. (Burp SSSS)