A (slightly) romantic novel

“It was late at night. So like a gentleman, he decided to walk her to her house. Suddenly, without the slightest warning it began to pour hard…..”, by now I had made up my mind to punch my friend in his face the next time I meet him. It was one of the best romantic novels he had ever come across. No I wasn’t sure reading exactly 4 books would be considered as a considerable reading profile. But since all the books (numerically 4) were romantic novels. I decided to take his word (at least it was numero uno among 4 books). He suggested I should read it- by pursuing and then threatening (by saying he won’t give me his assignments to copy anymore, well that’s a nightmare for an engineering student).Since I am a die hard romance novel follower (my experience with romantic novels – nil). I was struck by his noble gesture.



Now, as far as novels or anything with words is concerned I can finish it up in a single reading session i.e. except textbooks. So I decided to start it and end it quickly. I was not too enthusiastic from the beginning. I was with the author all along, that is till the line I mentioned before. It is then that I learned why I wasn’t much into romantic novels, they are far away from reality, may be a kilometer or two ahead of the fictional section. For the record even the fiction books talk about a few non-fictional situations many a times. I read romantic novels the same way I read fiction. I read it up to the very end and think “this is not going to happen anyway”.


Let me point it out, lets keep our brains aside (first requisite to reading a romantic novel). Now as far as my experience with girls is considered (not counting my sister,mom and an old school teacher who used to hate being called a women) every time a guy tries to act as a gentleman. The one only thought that comes to her mind is “Lets friend zone him” or get into a relation with him (read make him a brother) or better tell your girlfriends what a pervy flirt he is. So point one, a gentleman and a girl,any girl cannot be more than friends. They are always after the “different” fools. Who are exactly the opposite to that of the guy described in the novel.

Now as far as the author is concerned, most of the authors are loners or married (“arranged marriage” ) and are describing their fantasy’s which didn’t quite see the light of the day. Now next, we haven’t yet reached a development phase where even the rain takes permission to shower down.


The next line had me rolling on the floor with laughter, it said when it started to rain he (the hero) started to look for a shade , but she (the heroine or I don’t know what the lead of a novel is called) was more interested in enjoying the rain. See exactly my point because….OK a few pointers-
1. Girls don’t do that anymore (anyway).
2. If she does (since the hero was Indian) the guy would be enjoying the show instead of searching for a bunker.
3. The other thing is security, not from thugs but from being caught off the hands of uncle,aunt,neighbor,neighbors relative, the maid, the shopkeeper or even the dog in your area. As there are ‘n’ number of relatives and further ‘n’
number of their relatives. Relatives who wouldn’t give you a second glance on your best day, but would meet you at every corner of the street when with some guy or girl.
4. Girls are more concerned about their cloths than the life of the guy they are with.
5. It doesn’t quite rain unexpectedly in India…HELLO… we have a season named after it.
6. that’s a lot of fiction in a single line.

The story would then continue up to a kiss. Now , kissing is not permitted in these parts of the world, not unless you want to give a happy hour show for all the people around and have have to cave in for their “once more” demands. Then a few meetings and dates – a slight touch of reality. Then both realizing they are in love as if the romance in the rain and kiss didn’t make a point. And the the proposal. Ah yess !!! the damn proposal… in stories or even in movies girls propose or gives the guy few hints that she likes him (another part of fiction) but here if a guy doesn’t propose the story ends any way. Since the hints here include a smile or a small glance. Even a roadside beggar glances you when you walk away from him, that’s not a hint. I might be wrong in this case though I didn’t talk to the girl I liked in three years. So I won’t talk about proposals or proposing. I kinda miss her some times… *sob sob* (the first time I am agreeing to it)



The only good thing about this novel was that it was not very much like few novels published by one of the authors many people enjoy. His stories are like, group of friends, small trouble, sex, more trouble,sex, few short paragraphs justifying the title of the book,sex and the end. Now , there are people who like these books and hate fifty shades of grey. Really ? whats the difference ? Now I might sound a bit narrow minded, most of the relationships I have seen (none I have been through) are going through troubled waters. The only difference is the “few” here occurs about every hour or two. Now it is not only that girls are at fault. How many times have you seen a romantic hero in a novel, looking at other girls ass with his girlfriend at tow. I highly doubt that. But how often have you seen it in reality. Only guys can answer this question.Since girls are facing the opposite direction such times.

More ever the novel ended like another childish fantasy – they lived happily ever after. Ohh common !!! girlfriends never become your wives at the most they become your email password. That’s it… the highest position of honor you can give

her. The only one thing even your wife won’t guess…. that is if you get a spooky wife. Which is very common since your wife was someones girlfriend before and is well aware of these tactics… You might say that you have seen a few successful relationships,and so have people reported of seeing aliens or their ships that doesn’t prove anything.